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Project Eighty Six: Painting The Boy’s Workstation

September 7, 2011

I am on a mission to sort out The Boy’s room, as it is still a bit of a work-in-progress, the last room in the house that hasn’t been properly sorted out, plus of course he is growing older and therefor his needs and requirements from his room are changing.

This summer I made a start, first by replacing his bed with a bunk bed (a bargain find on Ebay), then by getting him to sort out all his possessions and toys and giving everything he had grown out of to charity and throwing away all the accumulated tat and broken things (not to mention the hundreds of paper aeroplanes that were strewn around). After all the sorting out and cleaning, we decided that his large workstation, that I made by cutting an old bookcase in half to make two trellises and bolting a large piece of mdf to, was in need of a lick of paint. I had originally painted it with white silk emulsion, but it turned out that was really hard to clean, so we went to Dulux and The Boy picked a new colour out, and this time we got it in gloss wood paint. The Boy did well with his colour selection, choosing a lovely rich blue turquoise colour, and it looks great on his desk.

His room still has a long way to go, I need to paint the shelves above his workstation (that are still only half-painted), I need to sort out a workable solution to the unsightly amount of cables and wires that trail along the shelves and under the desk, I need to paint the walls (they still sport their original magnolia) update the framed artwork and hang all the framed photos that The Boy wants in his room. No rush though, The Boy loves his room as it is and doesn’t really like change.

Interestingly, while I was sorting out his room and moving all the furniture to put the new bunk bed in, I found loads of sweet wrappers hidden down the sides of his bed and behind the bookshelf, that’ll teach me to put him on a sugar-free diet! 🙂 Cheeky little skellum, I never told him though…

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