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Endless Summer Days and a Whole Lot of Ambition

July 25, 2011

Today is the first day of six whole weeks of glorious holidays for the boy and I. The weeks stretch before us, full of possibility. We wake up giddy, drunk with excitement. Adventure, relaxation, fun, creativity, productivity, exploration. So much we want to do, so little we have to do.

On thursday we’re going off on a road-trip adventure for eleven days, with Mr. B of course, who’s got the time off work. We’re starting here in Cambridge and our end destination is somewhere near Oban and the Isle of Mull in Scotland. We will stop off in the Peak District, the Lake District, and anywhere else in between that takes our fancy. We are going to play it by ear, not plan anything, wander the land like nomads, camping, exploring, hiking, climbing and just generally relaxing and enjoying life. Hopefully once we hit Scotland we’ll do some wild camping too, cooking over open fires, miles of wilderness surrounding us and no hoards of people to spoil the view, wrapping up in blankets at night and star-gazing, going back to basics and reconnecting with our ancestral survival instincts (or just getting wet and muddy and dirty and not worrying about it), sheer bliss.

So, with that in mind, and the rest of the holidays stretched before me, I have been planning some more projects, some that I need to do over the next few days as they are needed for our road trip, and some that are for when we come back. I thought I’d make a list here of what I want to achieve, with regards to my projects, over the summer.

My summer projects list:

1. A car seat organiser for the boy, to keep things in and help keep him entertained and organised while we’re in the car. Like all children, he struggles a bit with long car journeys so I am hoping this will help, at least until the novelty wears off. I have found a tutorial at crafty calarri that I will adapt to suit the boy’s needs.

I’ll make more pockets on mine, for the boy to keep his mp3 player in, top trumps cards, reading books, colours and sketch book, snacks, water bottle and various other toys and bits.

2. A wash-bag for Mr. B, because the poor man has been asking me to make him one for ages now, and somehow I just haven’t managed to yet (partly because I want it to be waterproof but don’t have a teflon foot for sewing oilcloth. I wonder if I can buy one in John Lewis tomorrow?) I’m going to make it as a roll-up style one with separate compartments for his items.

3. Lots and lots of freezer paper t-shirt printing. I have been meaning to try this ever since I first came across a tutorial on MADE, and finally got round to ordering some freezer paper online, which has now arrived. I have also stocked up on lots of cheap plain t-shirts for the boy from charity shops and Primark.

Image from Dane-Made-It. Click on the image to go to her brilliant blog and see her amazing work and brilliant tutorials.

4. I want to make a patchwork quilt, the first I have ever made. I want to use up all my scrap fabric and have it made in time for winter. And what I really want is for it to look like this Ollalieberry Ice Cream Quilt I first saw on Posie Gets Cozy.

How lovely is that? I have already started sorting my fabric scraps into those that I will use and those that won’t work. I love the whole pastel feel of it. Oh the beauty:

I have just found a flickr group dedicated to the Ollalieberry Ice Cream Quilt, how cool is that? Full of photos of beautiful quilts made by clever people. I feel very inspired.

5. I have lots of good intentions to sort out and update the boy’s room, which will involve lots of DIY. Firstly he needs a bunk bed so there is somewhere for his friends to sleep when they come over, and also so I can make him a den using the bottom bed as a safe place for him to go. He craves small safe places, especially when he is upset or stressed out, so instead of the makeshift dens he has at the moment built out of sofa cushions or sheets draped over chairs, I want to make him a more permanent place to go to feel safe and calm down when he needs to, and the bottom bunk of a bunk bed seems like a perfect place to start. I can make it all cozy inside, with fairy lights and shelves full of books, cushions and whatever else he wants. His room also needs painting, as it is the last room in the house still sporting the original (and dull) magnolia that was here when we moved in. I want to clear out all his old toys that are too young for him now, and generally have a good old sort out and spring clean in there.

6. Make more clothes for the boy and myself. Probably more shorts and trousers for the boy and some more tunic tops for myself, and maybe some shorts for myself too. We’ll see.

As always, I’m probably being too over ambitious in my lists, but if I’m not over-ambitious I’ll never get anything done!

I also want to spend lots of time with the boy, see more of my parents and darling siblings, drink, eat, entertain, go for long camping weekends, relax and read lots of good books, explore all the parks in Cambridge, go climbing at least twice a week, get lots of sleep, do more running, go to Bournemouth, clean and tidy the whole house and fit in a week of bouldering in Fontainebleau in France.  How am I going to fit it all in?

I leave you with some photos of our last bouldering trip to Fontainebleau in France, in the summer of 2010:

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  1. dawnpiper permalink
    July 25, 2011 3:18 pm

    I’m exhausted already (just reading about your plans) and you haven’t even left yet. Have a great time and make sure you do lots of wild swimming in those ice-cold tumbling becks and brooks. Remember Skye?

    • July 25, 2011 4:38 pm

      Oh yes, I remember skye well! I only hope we have the same glorious weather this time! I need the dimensions for your saws too, so I can make you a saw case! 🙂

      Also, I was wondering if we could borrow some of your maps?

  2. July 31, 2011 2:47 pm

    Ooh, I am interested in seeing how your quilt turns out. I love these quilts.

    My best friend made a quilt for Dana and my wedding present, and we love it so much! We always have it on our bed, and even take it with us whenever we go anywhere for a sleep over.

    Hope you are enjoying your holidays. Perhaps you will be posting some photos of your time away upon your return?? x

    • August 5, 2011 2:15 pm

      Hi Jessica, thanks for your lovely comments, oh I really want to make this quilt now so I can take it on sleepovers too!
      I may well post some photos of our holiday, once I have sorted through them, we had such a lovely time away. x

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