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Project Sixty Nine: A Little Taggy Blanket

July 18, 2011

Before I started this blog, I made a taggy blanket for a friend of mine, who was expecting her first baby. It never got photographed or recorded, but once Emily was born she grew attached to her little taggy blanket, and it accompanied her everywhere. Even on holiday, where her parents and her were enjoying a blustery afternoon on the end of a pier, when out of no-where a particularly strong gust of wind whipped past, carrying the taggy blanket off with it. As the little blanket made its way along the pier, Emily’s parents made a desperate bid to catch it, chasing after the blanket, huffing and puffing, until, with one final burst of victory, the wind threw the blanket into the cold North Sea. Both parents looked down at the now soggy blanket, bobbing up and down in the foam. Both parents looked at each other, looked back at their bundle of joy in her buggy, and looked down, forlorn, knowing that as much as they loved their little daughter, they couldn’t bring themselves to jump into the cold sea and rescue the beloved piece of cloth.

Instead, they asked me to make another one, as a replacement. Their requirements being that it was the same as the last one, with soft fleece on one side, crinkly tags and a length of piping down one edge(Emily liked to chew on this). I set to work. This was a great little project to work on, as I got to use up more of my never-ending fabric scraps, and this time, because Emily was now born and named, I could actually personalise the blanket with her name.

A little selection from my fabric scraps

To make the crinkly tags I sewed plastic wrappers (the crinkly noise ones) into the inside of two pieces of fabric, sewed them right sides together, and then turned them out so that the crinkly plastic was sandwiched inside the fabric. Something nice and noisy for babies to play with.

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  1. July 18, 2011 7:49 am

    Obviously if they *really* loved their daughter they would have jumped into the sea!! :O)

    That is adorable, BTW.

  2. July 18, 2011 7:46 pm

    I love taggy blankets. This one is adorable – with a great story to boot!

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