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Project Forty Seven: A Sunhat and a Lesson Learnt

May 2, 2011

A have a book, entitled Creative Living: 32 Projects, that is full of lovely projects to sew and which I bought about ten years ago when I was just starting out in sewing. One of the projects is a sunhat, and I decided it was about time I used the book and set to work following the instructions to make my sunhat. It was all very straightforward, there was a pattern included, I cut all my fabric, ironed on my interfacing and followed the instructions. Maybe it was the heat, or the excitement of having two weeks off work, but I wasn’t thinking. At all. Not once did I consider sizing, I just followed the instructions, with the mistaken belief that if it was in a book it would be right, right? Wrong. It’s clearly meant as an adult’s hat in the book, they don’t mention children at all, but my God, they either never actually tried on the hat they made or they have teeny tiny abnormal heads, because my hat is tiny! Almost too small even for the boy (not that he’d wear it with the flowers). I have to say I am very disappointed with myself, I should have measured my head, checked it against the hat template, made my own design right from the start, like Mr. B said when he saw me using the book’s template.  The lesson learnt?  Never blindly follow patterns and instructions, always question, check, measure, adapt, tweak. Use common sense and intuition, books aren’t always right. I have now added ‘design a sunhat that fits’ to my to-do list (the never-ending to-do list), and then I will write a tutorial and share it here so everyone can make their own sunhat that fits. I just wish I had bought more of the lovely linen fabric I used for the hat, as I don’t have enough left now for another one.

Want to see the pictures?

The 12 hat pieces cut, lined and ready to sew

Four side pieces sewn together

Sewing the top to the side of the hat

The sunhat without the brim

Both sides of the sunhat brim before being sewn together

Topstitching detail on the brim

I did four rows of topstitching, a quarter of an inch apart

Brim attached, inside of hat left to do

Inside of hat, with the hem pressed down

Inside of hat in place ready to be sewn on

Inside of hat sewn into place, hat complete!

Finished hat being modelled by a reluctant boy

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  1. butterflyexperience permalink
    May 3, 2011 7:30 am

    Pretty hat, I would love to be able to make somthing like this for my daughters 🙂


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