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Bedroom Inspiration and a Whole Lotta Dreamin’

March 10, 2011

This Easter, when I have some free time, I am going to finally decorate our bedroom, as it is the only room in the house that I haven’t done anything to since we moved in. That was over two years ago and I’m suddenly feeling the pressure. Probably because the rest of the house is pretty much done and feels like a home. Our home, to be more precise, with our mismatched charity shop furniture, skip finds, DIY workstations, hoards of fabric, drawers full of electronics and computer parts, and vast Tintin collections, all nestled into our little flat with walls painted white. Bliss. All apart from the bedroom that is, which is still that ghastly magnolia that all landlords seem to love and that gets splashed liberally onto far too many of the interiors of Britain’s homes. Why, I ask you? When white is so much nicer? I just don’t get it. Or at least, I don’t want it in my home. And especially not in my bedroom. I want a nice peaceful white space, with splashes of colour (greens and pinks) here and there.

So, in anticipation of the great bedroom overhaul, I have been doing some searching and found some inspiration:

I love the mixture of subtle warm colours and texture in this room. Would love to use that grey-green colour in our bedroom somewhere.

I want a headboard made out of reclaimed wood, and I want a chandelier, but alas neither is going to happen. A headboard that size would never fit in our bedroom and Mr. B thinks chandeliers only belong in mansions, so he’d never agree to one . Still, I love the white bedding in this photo . That I can do.

I like the simplicity of this bedroom. Nothing contrived or forced. Just simple and real. I could sleep here. I’d change the picture in the frame to butterflies and add a few more butterfly pictures, and then it would be perfect, but I could definately sleep here!

Ah bliss. One day I’d love to have white-painted floor-boards, but for the moment I have to make do with carpet. The curtains in my bedroom are already very similar to this, but apart from that my bedroom is far too cluttered at the moment to bare any resemblance to this lovely clean space.

More white loveliness. Oh how I love it. The simplicity, the textures of the bed linen, the piles of books, and the teapot! Mr. B would approve, he’s always making tea in a teapot and bringing it into the bedroom in the morning.

It’s the wardrobe in this photo that is inspiring me! I have a wardrobe very similar to this that I bought at a charity shop for £3.50, but it is varnished a dark wooden brown colour which is just too dark for the space, so I am planning on painting it and I love the distressed look of this wardrobe.

I love the colour of this wardrobe, and think I might go with something similar to this for my wardrobe, rather than white, just to add a splash of colour to the room. Mr. B’s wardrobe is already painted a pale grey colour, which is lovely, so we’re going to keep that as it is.

I love the turquoise of the bedside cabinet, and the beautiful elegance of the white throw over the bed. Am not digging the 80s mustard yellow pillow cases though!

I like the cluttered feel here, as this is what my bedroom will always be like as it is so small. I like the painted chest of drawers. Giving me lots of ideas.

I have a thing about lampshades in bedrooms. I really don’t like lying on me bed and being able to see a light bulb, but do you know how hard it is to find nice lamp shades that are closed at the bottom? Well, I have searched and searched and have found almost nothing I like in my price range, and Mr. B would never agree to a chandelier, no matter how mini, so I have had to get resourceful when it comes to the bedroom lighting. After much online surfing I found, and fell in love with, these spherical globes, so I am going to make one of my own for my bedroom, out of string, pva glue, cornstarch and a really big balloon. I can’t wait.

So, there’s the inspiration for our bedroom. It’s a tiny room really, so will never look as big and airy as some of these photos, but my aim is to make it into a space that is cozy, warm and inviting, elegant, clean and light and works for both Mr. B and me.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.

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  1. March 14, 2011 10:35 pm

    Let me know when you’re going to make the lampshades, i’d love to make one too! Oh and i really like the mustard yellow pillow cases!

    • March 14, 2011 10:58 pm

      he he yeah I thought you might like the mustard yellow pillow cases 🙂
      Ok, let’s have a string globe-making day soon! Will be fun to have someone else to make them with.

  2. March 24, 2011 8:51 pm

    You know I am also quite obsessed with lampshades. I am trying to finagle a way of making one with bendy shoots of our olive trees, basket-style. Something tells me this is one project which is going to be a looong way off finishing though (I have six to make!)


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