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Tuesday’s Resourceful Little Idea

February 22, 2011

Holes in the Knees of your Jeans? Use the Back Pocket to Patch Them Up.


I have a lot of experience trying to repair trousers with holes in the knees, as the boy is very efficient at wearing down and ripping his trousers. I’m not sure what his techniques involve, but I suspect a fair amount of it is the result of his obsession with hurling himself around the place and ‘knee-gliding’ on any smooth floor he finds. He has recently decided to take up skateboarding too, so I suspect the problem is going to get worse in the near future.

Anyway, I am rambling. Back to my point. I have tried all sorts of methods for patching up his trousers, and finally found a solution that works for me. I tried sewing on bought ‘novelty’ patches I found in H&M, but they were always a bit small, and would not hold up to the tough environmental conditions they were put under. I had a bit of success with bigger tougher patches but what I wanted was a free way to repair trousers without having to buy supplies.

So, here’s what I do now. With the help of my trusty seam ripper I unstitch the back pockets of the trousers to be repaired, and the hand-sew these back pockets onto the knees. Sometimes I use bondaweb to stick the pocket in place before sewing, sometimes I don’t bother. I usually iron some interfacing over the rip first to keep it closed, but not if there is an actual hole rather than just a rip.




The back pockets work well as patches because they are big enough to provide structure and support for the whole knee area, thus protecting from further ripping. And I think it looks less obvious than a traditional patch, and quite cool.

So there you go. A free and easy way to repair holes in the knees of trousers.

I keep meaning to be organised and sew the back pockets onto the knees of the boy’s trousers before he even has a chance to rip them, but I’m not that organised. I do wonder why manufacturers of boys’ trousers don’t automatically re-enforce the knees in the first place though. That would be good.

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  1. The Mama permalink
    February 22, 2011 10:29 pm

    So smart! And it gives him one less place to stash things that would just end up needing to be emptied out again for laundry day.

  2. the boy permalink
    April 19, 2011 9:22 am

    tom said “is there pockets on your knees?”


  1. Project Nineteen: Re-Styling a Pair of the Boy’s Jeans « so resourceful

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